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Top 5 Places & Top 25 Ways to Weatherize Your Home

The average unweatherized house in the United States leaks air at a rate equivalent to a four-foot-square hole in the wall. Weatherization is the first place for the average home owner to concentrate for the most benefit with the least effort and expense. You’ll save money and help the planet!

The top 5 places to weatherize your home are:

  1. In the attic
  2. In the basement or crawl space
  3. Around windows and doors
  4. In living areas
  5. Around the exterior

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How to buy a storm door

Your home’s entry should say “Welcome” in your own unique way. The shine of the handle, the brilliance and glimmer of sunlight through the glass and the luster of the door finish accenting your entry make storm doors an easy and cost effective way to add curb appeal to your home.

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Marvin is the market leader in energy-efficient windows and doors. We offer more than 150,000 energy-efficient window and door options, along with the superior quality and made-to-order flexibility that all our products are known for.

With Marvin, you can create the right solution for any project in any climate. Marvin provides best-in-class products that will help limit your energy costs — without sacrificing quality, appearance or durability.

Marvin continually strives to improve the energy efficiency of its windows and doors. Our new window and door offerings include new glass options, new coating options and design refinements that make our products more energy efficient than ever.

Our guiding principle: Windows and doors should be beautiful, functional, durable and energy efficient.


Windows and doors are key to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Outdated or failing windows are responsible for a large percentage of the wasted energy in homes and other buildings.

In the winter, windows can leak heat or block too many of the sun’s warming rays — meaning you burn more fuel and pay higher utility bills. In summer, poorly performing windows let cool air escape and fail to reflect outdoor heat.

Today’s windows and doors are far more energy-efficient than those of even 10 years ago. Modern, energy-efficient windows and doors can save you 15 to 25 percent on your monthly heating and cooling bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Where single sheets of clear glass once ruled the day, there are now windows with multiple glass layers. Special coatings on the glass reflect sunlight and ultraviolet rays without dimming the view. Gases injected between panes create extra insulation. Advanced framing materials and innovative design provide further efficiency gains.

Marvin operates at the leading edge of window and door technology. With Marvin, you can have it all — products that look great and function flawlessly.

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